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Outdated Kitchens Need Renovation – Effective Ideas for Upgraded Looks

A kitchen interior is one of the most challenging parts when it comes to designing homes. The need to maintain hygiene factors along with practical storage and maintenance that goes a long way is a necessity. Since the work done involves heat, oil, spices and other such things which may hinder the outlook of cabinets in only a small period of time it is necessary to think of ways that utilize as much space as possible and do not soil the cabinets and interior too easily. Old times were evident of granite tops and dark wood cabinets but with time this look has become out-dated. For the most recent, practical and easily implementable ideas check out the tips listed below that effectively upgrade the look of a kitchen easily:


White and Wood Go Perfect Together

Getting a white interior with kitchen slabs and keeping wooden cabinets in lighter tones is the perfect way to set the mood straight for good spacious and hygienic feel in the kitchen. The combination goes great together and makes the feel of light, energy and health highlighted in such kitchens. The contemporary look achieved with white, wood and probably a touch of black in the form of the stove is the perfect mouth-watering combination that interior designing and good home keeping people would love.

Incorporating Stone Work on Walls

Stone walls have been famous for exterior walls since long, but incorporating stone walls in the interior are an equally fresh and applicable idea. Having stone walls in the kitchen, not all of course but getting one or two prominent walls get the stone look enhances the overall feel. It also saves it the walls from soiling and gives a natural feel to the room. Adding in some plants such as a long stem of money plant also looks great and compliments the kitchen’s stone wall look. With many kinds of stone works easily available, one can chose what goes best with the ambiance and get the perfect restaurant looking counter kitchen done.

Marble Countertops Look Elegant

For an elegant, clean and low maintenance touch, marble tops are one the greatest options that can be applied. Marble tops really enhance the look of the kitchen making it look richer and cleaner at the same time. Adding on this element in the kitchen along with the recommended white cabinets or light colored cabinets gives excellent output and compliments from all visitors are bound to be bagged in. Having super thick edges also add on to the detail of the countertops and makes it looks more presentable. Other expert recommendations include combining marble and brass as both complement each other perfectly.


Having Textured Cabinets

Either incorporating two tone cabinets or adding texture to the cabinet, both are the latest and most applicable ideas. It gives more definition to cabinets and is a great way of attracting attention to detail. Where designers use white cabinets on top and dark cabinets on the bottom kind of texture and spaciousness that comes out of it works for many.

Experiment with Open Shelves

For the clean freaks who can keep themselves up to date with this should definitely try it. For others who face a hard time maintaining cleanliness of cabinets should avoid it. However, those who do it guarantee a modern, open shelf look which gives an extra boost to the overall look of the kitchen making it look bigger, cleaner and way better than close shelves. It is also a great way of showing off some nice collectables and crockery. The display method is usually done in studio apartments.

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